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MIUI Theming Mania!

I made the mistake of having some free time on Sunday, so I got sidetracked putting the latest version of MIUI on my Droid X. I’ll do a quick side note for anybody who wants it on there too:

  • You’ll need some files, so start downloading:
    • The latest version of MIUI (1.9.23) or direct link
    • Your Droid X should be on Gingerbread (preferably 4.5.602). If you need to SBF, look here
  1. Make sure the DX has Gingerbread (they said any version will work, but I’m on 4.5.602)
  2. Root it (Pete’s tools work really well)
  3. Install ROM Manager. I’m reasonably sure that installing Clockwork from there and rebooting should do it
    1. NOTE: I had to turn off USB Debugging in order to be able to boot into Clockwork. Don’t know why
  4. Put the MIUI zip on your SD
  5. Reboot into recovery
  6. Clear data/cache, etc
  7. Install the MIUI zip
    1. NOTE: I’m assuming you’re already comfortable with this stuff. If you’re not, Google around for some better tutorials
    2. NOTE: This is all possible through the magic of 2nd init. If you’d like to read about that, check it out
Anyway, I got carried away with theming.
I wrote a custom mClock for the top. Just download this and unzip it on your SD card. It’s made to be a 4×2 widget. The XML wasn’t hard to learn, but it’s pretty cool that the creator of mClock allows you to quickly work like this. His documentation isn’t good at all, and the API doesn’t quite make sense, but look at some examples and you’ll get it.
You can find the wallpaper here. The launcher is Go Launcher EX with the grid set to 5×5. The little page opens the app drawer, which is currently just a SIMI Folder. There’s only 1 homescreen, but I could add more to the right (icons stay on land). The only thing that bums me out is that the bottom dock won’t stay static. I wish I could just restrict the dock to the app drawer on the far right. Might mess around with SweeterHome, which looks like it can do that. The icons are Fluxed by Vazguard.
There’s a custom lockscreen going on now too. I based it off of a theme called examinationEX (I couldn’t find a link to the creator). Luckily, it’s pretty easy to make your own lock screens in MIUI. Again, not a well documented method for the XML, but I figured it out. Basically, I just repositioned some things and swapped out images. Also, it’s one of the few MIUI lock screens that has music controls too. No biggy, but the result looks great!