Cryclops Customer Internet Privacy Statement

Protecting your privacy is important to me. I hope the following statement will help you understand how I (Weston Thayer) collect, use and safeguard your personal information in the aVoice Push application.

I. What type of information, if any is collected. I (Weston Thayer) collect your Google email and ID. I do not have access to your password. Your email is used only as a key to determine what devices to send a push notification to. It is not shared in any way.

Enabling push notifications also requires you to manually follow a set of steps to configure your Gmail and Google Voice accounts. These steps cause Google Voice to send an email to your Gmail account every time you receive a new Google Voice message. Following the steps correctly will result in that email being forwarded to This email is used only for push notifications, it is not stored or shared.


II. How to get more information. If you have questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy or how the aVoice Push app may access your personal information, you may email me at


III. Changes to this privacy policy. This privacy policy may be changed at any time. Any updates to the privacy policy will be made available at: